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to deepen our understanding of the principles of life, we create the conditions and pathways to transform individuals, organizations, and communities

Our projects

Via Harmonia

A worldwide meditation connections in Silence, creating and exploiting the power of living. A long meditation turns the mind off, heals the body, soul and world.

Circle Of Light

Meeting of representatives of the path of knowledge and wisdom focused on energetic-informational activities and coordination of intentions and activities (in Czech only).

Resurgence of our Nation

The project took place in the years 2014 – 2016. We held three meetings on Bílá hora (White Mountain) in order to heal the collective consciousness of the people of the Czech Crown lands (in Czech only).

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The organization of these projects takes a lot of time for many people. Similarly, these projects also entail considerable direct costs.

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Lectures, seminars and consultancy 

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Man in the mirror of life 

Are we interested in what controls our life, our attitudes and responses? What is life built on and how? Why are our relationships the way they are and why do some situations make us so uncomfortable? And do we want to change our experience?

If we look closer into the depths of our Being and know the principles of Life, we will inspect our inner schemes as well as the so-called “play of the mind”. Most of the time, we are not conscious of it, even though it plays a crucial role in our lives. A lecture or seminar will allow us to better understand our lives and to change things for the better.

Ernestína Velechovská

Founder and spiritual guide

The road to open communication 

Natural, open communication is the key to healthy relationships at the personal, corporate and social levels. Surely we can all agree today that we need to talk to each other? But what does it really mean, to express oneself openly and naturally, to respect the setting of oneself and others, while fully submitting to the wisdom for the benefit of the collective?Who ever wants to live in wisdom, has to set off on the path of discovering the truth (vydat se na cestu poznání). We can do so together. May we create the life through wise sharing, through a harmonious environment in personal relationships, families, companies and society as a whole.

Lucie Meškanová

Executer director and lecturer

Guiding through the Soul of the Organisation

Mastering the so-called hard and soft manager skills today is not sufficient for successful management. Crucial energy can be lost as a result of internal friction.

It is therefore necessary to master the “Soul Skills”, ie to find convergence, learn to understand the “soul of the organisation”, and activate its potential. The result can be finding the Higher Meaning for all involved:, co-operation instead of fighting, activated creative energy of teams, stability and even happiness and joy in organizations.

Jaroslav Kuchař

Lecturer and consultant


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