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We already have the following revered supporters:

The BLÍŽ K SOBĚ foundation was created as a result of the awareness of the urgent need to cultivate mutual relations and at the same time of the individual responsibility of each individual to actively contribute to this endless process.

I see the Vedomi srdce organization as an important contributor to peaceful solutions, to cementing society (not to split it), especially through learning to realize everyone’s responsibility and to be aware of the possibility and right of choice at every second of our lives – will my act or thought lead to struggle or peace?

The existence of Vedomi srdce fills me with hope for a more joyful and kinder future and with a sense of responsibility to co-create this future in my daily life.

Marcela Murgašová

Director of foundation BLÍŽ K SOBĚ

I decided to support VEDOMI SRDCE (Consciousnes of the Hearth) Why? There’s a simple answer to that. I consciously create, live consciously, and consciously give attention and energy to what makes sense. This includes supporting a project that walks on a path of peace, leads people to work together, is able to calm us and bring us to a halt in today’s vibrant times. Make us quiet so that we can look at each other, at ourselves and inside ourselves. At the humanity in ourselves.

To notice what we live, what we create, where we go. Vedomi Srdce, the whole project, has been waking people up for years to ask where they are going and what they are creating. And this is the way to transform our entire society and direct the attention towards natural laws and our deep essence. I am glad that I can be part of a great group of open people and that I can support this project.

Jan Hrdina


I am very pleased to be able to contribute regularly to the activities of Vedomi Srdce.

I always offer my financial support to what is worth it. I want other people to find themselves, feel better and happy. I support Vedomi Srdce so that on their spiritual journey people can find and use the best and easiest way to truly transform themselves and discover their spiritual nature.

By their free decision, without any misleading elements or restrictive conditions.

Marie Höppová


Many thanks go to our other supporters, the following companies and concrete persons:
Companies: Elpro – energo, YATE, GoodCall Hradec Králové, Smart emailing, Cesty k sobě,
Persons: Ivana Hrnčířová, Petra Štochlová, Renata Koutná, Marcela Dröslerová, Dagmar Fojtíková and many other donors and volunteers.

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